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Are you injured from a Charlotte car accident and you are still suffering from symptoms when you thought you would feel better by now? When most people think about serious injuries that can result from a car crash, they fully expect to deal with the physical injuries that are all too common: laceration wounds, broken bones, and bruised muscles and soft tissues. These kinds of injury are fairly obvious in their identification and relatively easy to know the difference between being “injured” and “recovered” from those injuries. However, there is a type of injury that is frequently hard to recognize, even harder to understand. It is quite true that the medical profession is still learning about these types of injuries; otherwise known as traumatic brain injuries or TBI.

Traumatic brain injury

Brain injuries that result from head trauma are extremely common in auto accidents. Until recently, healthcare professionals considered the symptoms to be among the less severe types of injury sustained in a crash. Conventional wisdom was that the symptoms of a concussion would fade in a few days or weeks with rest. However, concussions, or traumatic brain injury is proving to be much more serious than once believed.

The initial symptoms of a concussion include headaches or the sensation of pressure in the head. Additionally, a victim can suffer from one or more of the following symptoms: dizziness, nausea, fatigue, slurred speech, confusion, and various levels of loss of memory. These primary symptoms commonly resolve within a few weeks, but traumatic brain injuries can continue to affect the victim for a much longer period of time. These long-term symptoms are collectively referred to as post-concussion syndrome, or closed head injury, and have been reported to persist for years after the initial injury, or permanently.

Proper diagnosis and care

If you have been in a car accident and suffered a head injury, your level of recovery hinges upon your receiving prompt, appropriate, and complete medical care. The trouble with getting the proper treatment your injuries is that insurance companies make every effort to convince individuals that they no longer need medical attention because their only concern is to reduce the cost of their payout for accident injury claims. Often the insurer will try to convince you that the symptoms will quickly fade, or they are caused by something else that is unconnected with the head injury you received in the accident. If you have been involved in an auto or other motor vehicle-related accident in which you have suffered a concussion or head injury, it is crucial that you seek immediate medical attention, and that you do not accept any settlement offer before learning the full extent of your injuries and course of treatment.

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