Injured in an accident when driving to school

Posted: September 08, 2016

Every parent must deal with the anxiety of sending their teenager off in the car alone, hoping that they will be attentive drivers and avoid being injured in an accident. School is in now, which means that there will be lots of new drivers commuting to school in a car. It is an exciting time, and it is incumbent upon us to make sure that new drivers understand that this privilege comes with lots of responsibility. Unfortunately, national statistics reveal that approximately seven teen drivers die in an auto accident every day. It is important to impress upon inexperienced drivers that driving an automobile requires their undivided attention every time they get behind the wheel.

Prepping a young driver

As a parent, you will do your best to make sure that your child is ready for the responsibility of driving. This means constantly monitoring their progress, and consistently reminding them of safe driving practices. If you have not already done so, consider discussing the following guidelines with your young driver:

  • Never text and drive

Studies reveal that texting drivers are just as impaired as drunk drivers. It is important that you explain that this activity is not acceptable as well as being unlawful. Encourage your new driver that the best approach is to turn their cell phone completely off or to “airplane mode” when behind the wheel.

  • Consider a curfew

This may seem extreme, but the statistics do not lie. Statistics reveal that most teen accidents occur between the hours of 9pm to 2am.

  • Restrict passengers

Newly experienced drivers should not be allowed to drive with other teens in the car for a designated period. It is safer to wait until you know that your teen is experienced enough to give friends a ride.

  • Always drive with headlights on

Even in broad daylight; this makes us all as visible as possible on the road.

  • Set routes and boundaries

Like learning to play an instrument, practice increases proficiency. Having enough skill to pass a driver-licensing test, does not mean that one is proficient at every phase of driving. Consider limiting driving to familiar areas around your neighborhood, and then gradually branch out.

  • Talk about drinking and driving

Take time to have a number of discussions about the dangers of drinking and driving. Let your loved ones know that if they ever drink, that they can always call you. Some of these rules may seem overly restrictive, but the goal is to help new drivers understand that driving is a serious responsibility, not a rite of passage. They must learn that failing to pay attention can cause someone their life.

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