How To Travel Safely During The Holidays

Posted: January 13, 2017

6 Tips For Safer Holiday Travel

The holidays are a time when people are coming and going, visiting family and friends, and often traveling in some of the worst weather of the year. If you have a trip planned this holiday season, it's important to be careful on the roads to avoid a holiday tragedy. Here are some tips to avoid car accidents during the holidays.

1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Make sure you leave early when traveling for the holidays. One of the best ways to avoid holiday vehicle accidents is to avoid being in a rush. The weather and increased traffic may cause delays on the road, and if you have the luxury of extra time, you won't feel the need to drive too aggressively for conditions.

2. Know Your Route (And Alternates)

You may have a GPS, but look at the map/directions ahead of time. In a bad traffic situation, you may not be able to cross several lanes when your GPS suddenly decides you need to turn left — right now! Also, know alternate routes in case you encounter a lengthy backup or unsafe driving conditions.

3. Be Aware of Others on the Road With You

Just because you’re being careful and taking your time doesn't mean others will. The holiday season is a prime time for distracted drivers, so you need to be aware of what others on the road are doing (or not doing). This is a time for defensive driving strategies. Make sure you always have an "out" when driving on crowded roads.

4. Be Vigilant About Maintenance

Before hitting the road, have your car inspected by a professional mechanic. Make sure all moving parts are working as they should, and don't forget to check the tires. You need good tread to grip slippery winter roads, and the right tire pressure to ensure traction and maneuverability.

5. Keep the Gas Tank Full

No matter how careful you are, accidents and serious weather emergencies are still possible, which may leave you stranded. Make sure to have enough gas to keep the engine running, which in winter is essential to heating the interior of your vehicle —
and keeping your family warm until help arrives.

6. Choose Your Travel Time Carefully

If you travel early in the morning or later at night, you may find less traffic on the roads. This can help limit your risk of an accident. As a bonus, young children may sleep through the trip!

Avoiding car crashes during the holidays is always top priority, but sometimes even the most careful drivers are involved in accidents due to the actions — or inactions — of other drivers. If you have been in a crash, make sure to get both medical and legal help. The Olive Law Firm can assist you in protecting your rights and ensuring you have the compensation you need for a full recovery. Give us a call today.

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