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Sometimes it is necessary to hire an accident lawyer for protection from those who you expected to protect you. This is in reference to insurance companies who act in bad faith. It is important to point out that most insurance companies have the intention of acting in good faith. Hundreds of thousands of insurance claims are paid out promptly and fairly every year, and insurance companies are not always the bad guys.

This does not mean that insurance companies are always on your side, either. Insurance companies are not benevolent benefactors. They are businesses who calculate their losses and are always looking for reasons to deny your claim or to minimize the dollar amount that they must pay. Sometimes they make an unreasonably low offer knowing that policyholders are either desperate or confused in the aftermath of an accident. Some insurance companies will aggressively pursue a quick settlement that favors their bottom line, even if the amount is insufficient or will cause hardship on the injured individuals or their family.

It really does not matter what the motives of the insurance company is; if they intentionally and knowingly attempt to underpay or deny a claim, you should hire an accident lawyer that can take swift and aggressive legal action against them on your behalf. Insurance company bad faith is unethical, but that will not keep some companies or agents from acting in bad faith. In such cases, if you feel you have been misled or denied, your only recourse it to take legal action.

When customers purchase auto insurance, they have every right to expect that their insurance company is acting in good faith and intends to honor the terms of the insurance policy. Consumers are required by law to carry insurance so that they are afforded legal protections that preserve their rights as drivers and consumers. Insurance providers are trying to maximize their revenues, and one of the most common ways to accomplish this is by denying or underpaying legitimate claims. This is their first tact, hoping that policyholders will settle for less than they are entitled to without a fight. This happens way too often because consumers do not have the financial resources to go up against powerful insurance conglomerates.

Help for victims of bad faith in North Carolina

Thankfully for consumers in North Carolina, The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte is ready, willing, and prepared to take on any company that acts in bad faith by denying your legitimate claim or by intimidating you into accepting an insufficient settlement.  The Olive Law Firm has been helping their clients seek justice for over half a century. They will fight tirelessly to ensure that you receive every penny to which you are legally entitled. Their attorneys will not be intimidated under any circumstance by any insurance company, no matter how large. If you feel that you are a victim of an insurance company acting in bad faith, please contact their office for a free consultation with an accident lawyer today.


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