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Nearly every auto injury attorney will tell you that Semi-truck fatality accidents are on the rise. Every week we hear of a case where a semi truck is involved in an accident and the results are horrendous. These trucks are the biggest and longest vehicles on the road, and when they are involved in an accident, the reality of that danger is apparent to everyone. The statistics bear out those deadly truck accidents have been on the rise since 2009. Alarmingly, this is following a in which truck accidents were actually in decline.

Ever present danger on the road

In 2012, the number of people killed in large truck crashes, exceeded the total number of Americans who died in U.S. airline crashes over the past 40 years. For reasons yet unknown, the number of truck accident fatalities in 2012 jumped 16 percent over those killed in 2009. The original suspicion is that there are more trucks on the road as an improving economy and highly-competitive industry that puts pressure on drivers. A major contributing factor is that truck drivers are commonly paid by the mile, and do not get paid for overtime or loading. This forces them to drive long hours despite federal safety regulations that are meant to limit time behind the wheel.

Powerful industry

There are over 500,000 general freight carriers and 2 million truckers in the U.S. The overwhelming majority of these trucking companies have three trucks or fewer. Only 32 companies operate fleets of more than 5,000 vehicles. This creates an economic environment that is determined to drive the last penny out of the supply chain. Although private trucking companies operate on thin profit margins, the industry as a whole is extremely profitable. It is documented that the trucking industry generated more than $650 billion in revenues last year. This translates to American Trucking Association (ATA) being the industry’s largest trade association, and a considerable voice in Washington D.C. as a powerful pro-trucking lobby. In fact, ATA has relentlessly and intensely lobbied to overturn the new hours-of-service rules that went into effect in July of 2013. The new law limits drivers to a 14-hour workday that includes a 3-hour rest period.

Hire a lawyer who specializes in tractor trailer accidents

You should choose a law firm that is experienced in handling trucking cases. Truck accident cases necessitate attorneys who will work uncompromisingly and who have the resources to fight the big trucking companies. An experienced trucking attorney will determine what evidence is important, and will know how to present your case for fair compensation of medical treatment, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. Your choice of lawyer will indeed make a difference. Select an attorney who has decades of experience handling trucking cases and a history of success with those cases.

Speak to a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC

The personal injury lawyers at The Olive Law Firm are ready to assist car accident victims and their families. If you have been hurt in a road rage, or a hit-and-run accident, their legal team will work very hard to ensure that your medical expenses and lost wages will be covered. Please give them a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your auto injury.


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