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The actual reality of hiring an auto injury lawyer in Charlotte can be intimidating, so it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Nevertheless, it is a crucial and important decision because the right lawyer will help you win your case, and ensure that you receive just compensation for you injury and for your situation. There are many factors that you should take into consideration when you choose your attorney. Never settle on the first lawyer you consult with; you should interview a number of different Charlotte lawyers in order to be absolutely sure that you find the lawyer who will work hardest while handling your case. There are so many tools to use for your search and a good place to start is an internet search using one of the popular search engines. Once you compile a list of attorneys, consider the following list of questions, which are designed to guide you through the selection process.

Auto injury experience

Start by asking each attorney about their experience with cases like yours. Many personal injury attorneys specialize in product liability, or medical malpractice. Auto injury cases require a very specific skill set and investigative resources. Some lawyers may not even specialize in personal injury cases. Unfortunately, they may view personal injury and wrongful death cases as an easy payday, hoping to pull in a case that can be resolved by a quick settlement. It is also important to ask a lawyer how many cases the lawyer has he or she taken to trial. This is an indicator that the attorney is not afraid to go to trial to get you the very best compensation.

Rates and fees

Ask each attorney about their rates and fees and what percentage of your settlement will they take if they are working on contingency. Working on contingency means that the attorney will not get any money until the case is won. Contingency percentages can range from 25% to 40%. Ask them if you will be responsible for any charges and fees if my case is lost. Many attorneys will say that they get no money unless your case is won; this usually means that if you lose, you will not be responsible for hourly fees. However, you could be responsible for administrative costs, such court fees and charges associated with obtaining public records.

Are they available?

Ask prospective attorneys about their availability when you have questions. The reality is that some attorneys are better than others when it comes to making themselves available to their clients. You will want an attorney that recognizes the importance of keeping you informed on the status of your case.

Speak to a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC

The personal injury lawyers at The Olive Law Firm are ready to assist car accident victims and their families. If you have been hurt in an auto collision or even a hit-and-run accident; their legal team will work very hard to ensure that your medical expenses, wages, and financial obligations will be recovered. Please give them a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your auto injury.


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