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Healthcare workers and back injury

Personal injury lawyers represent a significant number of healthcare workers who have suffered a back injury while working. It is very distressing to see how seriously injured one can become from a job that is dedicated to caring for others. These alarming numbers apply to firemen, paramedics, and law enforcement workers as well. It is staggering to see how many people are injured in the health care industry every year. A significant factor behind all these injuries is that many hospitals across the country are using techniques that are considered to be outdated due to the advances in modern technology. In, addition, understaffing, higher incidence of obese patients, and the lack of dedicated funding to make the necessary upgrade to their facilities means that nurses and other employees are paying the price.

The risk is daily

Many of the healthcare workers who experience back injury on the job do not recover to the point that they can return to their job. Not surprisingly, those who are fortunate enough to recover and to go back to work, chances are high that they will get injured again. Injured nurses along with other nursing employees, suffer from a higher incidence of debilitating back injuries than almost any other occupation. These injuries are most commonly caused by the performance of the everyday task of lifting and moving patients. The known cases are astounding, but the true and actual numbers are unknown because hospitals are not required to make their injury statistics public. Historically, hospital administrations at many hospitals across the country have failed to do much about the endemic rate of back and other injuries that affect their nursing staff.

Culture of acceptance

It is highly possible that there is a culture of acceptance because nursing employees have most likely been getting hurt moving and lifting patients for as long as there have been nurses and patients. However, Government and university studies have revealed that hospital administrations can prevent many of these injuries if they are willing to invest the time, money, and training necessary. There is technology and special equipment available that makes it safer to move patients. For example, hospital rooms can be outfitted with ceiling hoists, or bedside lifts and chairs. One is left to believe that this industry is more concerned about operating costs than the costs that frontline employees will pay, when it comes to creating a safer and more productive workplace environment.

A reputable personal injury attorney in North Carolina

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