Good reasons to consult a worker’s compensation attorney

Posted: October 04, 2016

Have you been injured on the job and wonder if you need a Charlotte worker’s compensation attorney? This city is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, with a large population of construction workers, independent contractors, financial workers, educators, and medical workers. People get injured on the job regardless of the industry. However, certain segments of the population operate in an environment that is fraught with dangerous and risky activity. It is most often theses workers that are caught in the web of complexity that is spun in worker’s compensation laws. Do not be fooled, the system is designed to make it a difficult process to receive the compensation and rights that workers deserve. In most cases, it is against your best interest to try to navigate the process without legal representation.

Worker’s compensation is purposely complex

Workers need to be aware that there is a lot of fine print within the worker’s compensation laws.  Although we want to believe that most employers are forthright and want to do the right thing for their workers, their priority is to make sure that workers return to work as soon as possible. This can create a conflict of interests, resulting in numerous cases when a worker returns to work too soon, all in an effort to appease his or her employer. Quite often, there are injury claims and the employer disputes the claim. When this happens, you need to consult a worker’s compensation attorney as soon as possible. Consider the following tips for the initial steps to take if you are an accident victim on the job, or you have a work related illness:

  1. Notify your employer – Inform your manager or supervisor of the incident. Be accurate and put all the details in writing.
  1. Seek medical treatment - It is surprising how many people think of their injuries as minor and fail to seek medical treatment, but without a professional medical record of your injury, it becomes very difficult to obtain fair compensation. Visiting a healthcare professional and obtaining appropriate treatment soon after the accident is imperative.
  1. Fill out a worker’s compensation claim – Fill out the appropriate forms for worker’s compensation.

After you have taken the initial steps, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. Make sure that you attend any subsequent medical examinations if required, and go back to work when you are medically cleared.

Consult a worker’s compensation attorney in Charlotte, NC

Even if you are not sure that you have a case, you have nothing to lose by seeking advice from an injury attorney from the Olive Law Firm. Hiring a personal injury attorney is essential if you want the best possible compensation after car accident injury. Attorney Lee Olive, or Attorney Whitney Brooks of Charlotte, NC has decades of experience fighting for the rights of injured victims. They have earned a reputation as a trusted and compassionate Firm that prepares to take every case to court in order to obtain the best possible outcomes for their clients. If you want the best representation available, then call their office for a free consultation with one of these experienced attorneys

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