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Countless Carolinians have found it necessary to contact a Charlotte product liability attorney because defective medical devices caused them unnecessary medical expenses and needless pain and suffering. Modern medical devices and implants have been used to sustain and improve the quality of life for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, every year there are also reports of thousands of faulty devices, repeat surgeries, and product recalls.

The FDA is responsible for the approval process that gives patients access to life-saving devices. However, many experts are of the opinion that a substantial number of risky devices are cleared without adequate clinical testing. In fact, some would say that in some cases the approval process was more about getting the products on the market than it was about determining their safety. When cases come to trial, it is often discovered that there are many ways for a company to get an unsafe product on the market. Patients who have been injured by a poorly designed or defective medical product are entitled to certain levels of compensation. It is important that you find an attorney and a law firm that has decades of experience handling injuries caused by a defective medical device.

Budget constraints and loopholes

The FDA is supposed to go through a process of rigorous testing before issuing its approval of a medical device for use by the public. However, budget constraints and the reality that the FDA is short on adequate staffing means that it could take several years in order for products to gain approval. However, rather than submit their products and devices through the normal process, some companies can gain FDA approval through a special law. This law is used as a loophole that allows companies to avoid testing if they declare that their product is largely equivalent to similar products that are already approved.

Using this loophole, companies are able to get millions of products approved for use in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. This mean that these products a placed in the market without the clinical testing that such products should actually receive. This is means that the FDA relies on little more that the word of the device manufacturer, that the device or product is substantially similar to something that the FDA has already tested and approved. Ask yourself, how trustworthy is the word of the manufacturer when the company stand to make millions, if not billions of dollars once the product is in the market? This is a conflict of interest of astonishing proportion.

A product liability attorney in Charlotte, NC

If you are injured or harmed by a medical product or device, The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC may be able to help you pursue a case. The attorneys at The Olive Law Firm are not afraid to stand up to big healthcare companies, and they are not afraid to take cases to trial. It can be difficult to prove who is at fault in product liability cases, but this personal injury accident law firm has the resources. The Olive Law firm has been representing Carolina residents in these types of cases for nearly 60 years. Call The Olive Law Firm to find the Charlotte injury attorney that will ensure that their clients receive just and fair compensation.


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