Auto injuryFirst things first in your car accident and injury

If you have been in an auto accident and you are nursing an auto injury, make sure that you have taken the appropriate steps to keep the situation from getting worse. In the aftermath of automobile or motorcycle accidents, you may be affected by confusion and stress which can lead to your delaying everything from seeking medical attention to filing an accident report. The first and most important task is to make sure that you seek medical help for your injury.

Many people assume that their pain after an accident is only temporary and will go away in a few days. A car accident attorney will advise you that seeing a doctor immediately after an accident serves two important purposes: It demonstrates that you suffered an injury in the accident, and it documents the extent of your complaints at the time you are experiencing them. This can be crucial information that is needed months or years later and you need to “prove” you were hurting in the hours and days after the accident.

If your injuries from the accident cause you to miss work, or some other type of financial loss, be sure to document it with as much detail as possible. Keep receipts for any out of pocket expenses because certain damages are recoverable, and you will need proof of your losses. If you have questions about your specific situation, be sure to consult with one of Charlotte’s car accident lawyers. The consultation should be free and confidential. A competent attorney can guide you through the proper processes for your accident claim.

Do you need a lawyer for minor injuries?

Do not let the idea that your injuries are minor keep you from consulting with a lawyer after an automobile or motorcycle accident. Let the attorney review you case and advise you about the severity of your injuries, and the merits of your case. If the accident is minor and the injuries small, a lawyer may not be necessary. For example, an accident with less than $2,000 of property damage and a single visit to a doctor without the need for follow-up is a minor accident. There is very little likelihood that an accident of this type requires the involvement of an attorney. A reputable attorney will advise you if you are better off handling the claims by yourself.

If the accident caused injuries that require more than one visit to a doctor, or has caused you to miss several days of work, then you will certainly need the help of a car accident attorney. If you required emergency care or hospitalization, it is wise to involve a lawyer and as soon as possible. As soon as the insurance company for the negligent driver becomes aware you are filing a claim, they will be taking action to minimize their liability. Waiting too long to talk to an attorney can work against you.

Speak to a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC

The personal injury lawyers at The Olive Law Firm are ready to assist car accident victims and their families. If you have been hurt in a road rage, or a hit-and-run accident, their legal team will work very hard to ensure that your medical expenses and lost wages will be covered. Please give them a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your auto injury.


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