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When you are involved in a serious car accident, the most important task during the first few months will likely be finding a car accident lawyer and focusing on healing from your injuries. Quite often, your medical bills will start coming in with some astounding figures, which will cause you to wonder how much will be left after your settlement. Your accident attorney is there to help you receive just compensation for a number of specific damages beyond your medical bills. The total amount depends on many factors, but the following damages are what your attorney will seek in your best interest:

Special damages

Special damages include any financial loss that you have suffered because of your accident. Many expenses can be recovered through a trial or a settlement. This can range from co-pay for medical bills to out-of-pocket receipts for ambulance transport, parking, and any medical expenses that you pay as a result of your injuries. Be sure to keep detailed receipts and itemize every out-of-pocket cost that you incur.

General damages

General damages will place a monetary value on non-tangibles, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, or loss of consortium. Your attorney will use the testimony of many witnesses to demonstrate just how serious your injuries are, your amount of suffering, and how doctors perceive your condition.

Loss of consortium damages

In personal injury cases, your spouse has the right to seek loss of consortium damages. He or she also becomes a “plaintiff” in your case, seeking compensation for loss of consortium or companionship. If you were so severely injured that it incapacitates you in a way that prevents you from providing normal love and companionship, your car accident injury lawyer may be able to seek general damages that can be recovered by your spouse.

Loss of income

Many car accident victims find themselves with no other recourse but to leave their job, missing work due to medical appointments, hospitalization, or even the inability to work due to the injuries they have sustained. Victims are entitled to recover lost income as part of their claim. This includes all losses past and in the future, including the cost of retraining.

Finding the best accident attorney in North Carolina

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