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Medications cause wrongful deaths

Every year Charlotte residents consult with wrongful death attorneys regarding a loved one whose death was suspected to be cause by the normal use of medications. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly developing and manufacturing new drugs. Financial gain and corporate competition often causes a situation where medications are rushed to market without appropriate testing. Somehow, many drugs that are harmful end up being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Unwarranted trust

This is concerning because we place so much trust in the process, but the reality is that almost every drug that is proven to be dangerous, and that harms consumers was originally approved by the FDA. Turn on the Television and you will see a constant barrage of pharmaceutical ads because drug companies then spend millions of advertising dollars trying to create the illusion that these are new wonder drugs that can cure nearly everything. Have you ever wondered what happens when these drugs kill patients instead of curing them? What steps do you need to take to help protect your family from a potentially dangerous drug?

Discus the use with your doctor

Many victims of wrongful death put too much trust in their physicians and their judgment. When your doctor prescribes any type of medication, most of us assume that there will be side effects and they trust that their doctor has taken into consideration how the medication will interact with other medications, vitamins, herbal or dietary supplements that you may be taking. There are very specific reasons for there being separate medical disciplines between doctors and pharmacists. Just as doctors specialize in different parts of the body, pharmacists specialize in medications and their use. When you pick up your prescriptions, ask to speak to the pharmacist and ask them if your drug is compatible with your other medications. Oftentimes, the pharmacist is more informed about potential drug interactions than your physician.

Over-The-Counter Medications

Many of us also assume that over-the-counter medications are generally harmless, but many of these medications can cause serious illness and even death. Every year numerous types of over the counter drugs are subject to recalls because of some negative or toxic effect they present for patients. It is important that you do not get so comfortable as to assume that if your doctor recommends it; or if it is for sale over-the-counter, that a medication is safe. Do not just read the labels, read the literature and the warnings that come with the medication. If you are not sure about taking an over-the-counter medication after reading the warnings, do not take it, rather call your doctor and get the answers you need.

Choosing the best wrongful death attorney in North Carolina

Wrongful death cases are uniquely complicated, and you need a lawyer with the knowledge and experience that can obtain rightful compensation for you and your family. With more than 56 years of trial experience in wrongful death and personal injury cases, The Olive Law Firm knows the law inside and out, and will put their knowledge to use for you. Call their office to talk about wrongful death in Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, NC, and the surrounding areas.


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