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Avoiding accidents on Halloween

Every year, families will need the services of a Charlotte injury lawyer because of one of the many accidents that happen on Halloween night. The combination of so many children in the streets and so many cars on the road on a night that is given to revelry is a recipe for danger. During this time of the year, parents and children are putting together Halloween costumes; and to be honest, the emphasis for creative and fun costumes can overshadow the importance of safety.

Before your children head out for some trick-or-treating this year, you will need to take a moment to ensure that their costumes are as safe as they are fun. No one ever plans on having pedestrian accidents, and large groups of adults and children running through the streets pose an added risk. Consider the following list of conditions that makes costumes especially unsafe in terms of traffic accidents.

The costume should reflect light. Playfully frightening Halloween costumes often involve lots of dark fabric. Creating a “realistic” outfit that keeps within the spirit of Halloween makes trick-or-treaters nearly invisible to drivers. If your child wants a costume that consists of all dark colors without any bright colors, insist on reflective stickers or tape on their clothing. It is also advisable that the child carries a flashlight or a glow stick.

Beware of dangling parts that can trip your child. Long hems and oversized shoes that pose a tripping hazard should not be permitted. Cars are not the only danger. Slip and fall accidents are a serious concern on Halloween. Consider that slips and falls can lead to serious fractures and even head injuries.

The costume inhibits mobility. A costume that makes it hard for your child to walk or run becomes a potential hazard. Some costumes can be extraordinarily bulky, thus making it harder for your child to keep his or her balance. This makes it easier for your child to tip or fall over and sustain an injury. Be mindful that bulky and cumbersome costumes can also make it hard for your child to cross the street safely.

Masks or hats can limit visibility. It is crucial that your child has an unobstructed view when wearing masks or head gear. They should be able to look both ways before crossing a street, and their masks or headgear should not block peripheral vision. Instead of masks, perhaps the eyes or face could be covered with makeup. However, it is also important to check the ingredients of any makeup that is used. Some of the inexpensive makeup that is sold around this time of year can be irritating for the skin.

Adult supervision is crucial. Providing a safe costume is really just the beginning of a safe and happy holiday. All children should be subject to careful and diligent supervision. Your children should always be accompanied by an adult while trick-or-treating. It is advisable that adults coordinate and take a group of children together, as larger groups are easier to spot. It is recommended that one adult travel in front of the group while another brings up the rear.

Depending on your Charlotte injury attorney

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year; however, it is important to remember that negligent and irresponsible drivers are also more prevalent during the holiday season. This means that the accident and injury attorneys at The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC, will also be ready to work for you and your family. If you are injured as the result of negligence or an act of omission, call the offices of The Olive law Firm for a free consultation with a Charlotte injury lawyer.


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