Did you slip and fall in a grocery store?

Posted: September 29, 2016

If you have experienced a slip and fall in a grocery store, seek immediate medical evaluation, and then you should contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation. Grocery stores, and other retailers generally have policies and procedures intended to keep their customers safe. If managers and store employees are unaware of these procedures, or they do not follow company safety policies, thousands of people are injured in grocery stores every year.

Playing the blame game

Good people who suffer a slip and fall accident, often feel as though they were personally responsible for the fall. The natural thought is, “I should have watched where I was going.” Some feel a sense of loyalty to the grocery store because they spend a significant amount of time and money there every week. Some have been shopping there for decades. Some people would rather suffer than face the stigma of being thought of as someone who is faking for financial gain. Stores are active workplaces, warehouses if you will, and much of the work happens during the time that customers are in the building. Stores have a great deal of responsibility to keep customers safe while they shop. Just as they are to keep their employees safe as they work. Unfortunately, in many cases, company profit is more important to some organizations than their customer’s safety.

Problem areas

When you slip or fall in a store, chances are great that your slip and fall accident occurred in a location that the owners already consider to be a “problem area.”  Statistics show that such areas may include the produce department, floral departments, frozen food aisles, checkout areas, toy departments, and entrances and exits. These are generally high traffic areas where there is often water, slippery, or hazardous merchandise on the floor. Storeowners and operators have a legal obligation to warn customers of dangerous conditions such as debris or water on the floor. The store management is obligated to create a system that includes regular and ongoing inspections of the store, in an effort find and correct dangerous conditions. Store employees are required to be constantly looking for dangerous conditions, spills, or trip hazards. Many operations fail their customers because employees are either preoccupied, or too short staffed to follow any inspection routine. When dangerous conditions go unnoticed, thousands of people are injured in stores every year.

Speak to an accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC

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