Injured in an accident in Charlotte, NC

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Accidents are common and deadly

Every year, thousands of Carolinians are injured in an accident and need the services of a top car accident attorney. Unfortunately, this is the only way that they will receive fair compensation for their damages in an accident. In the aftermath of the Fourth of July holiday weekend, there will be news reports of serious, even deadly accidents all across the Carolinas. The reality has become that every time you travel on the highways, you face the risk of being involved in a car accident. Think of how many times you may have driven past an accident while commuting to and from work. It is a given statistic that most drivers will be involved in three to four car accidents during their lifetime. If you are in an accident, do not be fooled by a lack of pain the first few days after the collision. There are numerous reasons for this phenomenon, but it is imperative that you get a comprehensive examination by your physician following any accident regardless of speed or damage. The following are the most common types of injuries that individuals are likely to experience in a car accident:

Neck injury

Car crash victims can experience neck sprain and strains, which are collectively identified as whiplash. This occurs when your head is suddenly thrown or jolted in one direction and then in another. This sudden back and forth or side to side action can strain any of the supporting muscles and ligaments in your neck, resulting in significant pain. In high impact collisions, the discs and joints of your cervical spine can rupture or dislocate. The most serious neck injuries when injured in an accident are breaks in the vertebrae, or a rupture of the spinal cord. This type of injury usually results in some type of paralysis or even death.

Head injury

Head and brain injuries are extremely common in motor vehicle accidents. A brain injury can occur even if your head does not strike anything. If the force is great enough when your head flies forward and then snaps back, the momentum can cause your brain to strike the interior wall of your skull. At minimum, this can lead to temporary unconsciousness, or leave you with a concussion, or with a dangerous condition such as internal bleeding in the brain. Brain injuries commonly require a long period of recovery, and extensive medical bills.

Back injuries

There is no doubt that seat belts save lives, but the physics of an accident can place unbelievable forces on your back and spine if injured in an accident. Momentum can slam your body in any direction, leaving you to experience impact and shearing trauma. Additionally, in such situations, your spine can suffer from serious injury. The muscles in your back may be strained, or the vertebrae of your spine may be damaged or broken. If your spinal cord is injured, back injuries can be severe and even fatal.

One of the best car accident attorneys in North Carolina if injured in an accident

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