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Personal injury attorneys are seeing an epidemic of cases of distracted driving, where the driver misses paying attention at a critical time, leading to a crash. Distracted drivers put themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. Statistics reveal that one out of every ten fatal crashes in this country involves distraction, which results in more than 3,000 deaths every year.

Defining distracted driving

There are countless activities that can divert driver attention. We get convinced that we have full control of the vehicle, but as you will notice, many of these activities only take a fraction of a second, which happens to be the length of time it takes for an accident to happen.

Activities that take you mind off driving

  • Signs and billboards
  • Personal grooming
  • Reading
  • Texting
  • Eating and drinking
  • Changing CDs
  • Daydreaming

How risky is distracted driving?

Distracted driving is very risky. It is a contributing factor in about 10 percent of all fatal motor vehicle crashes and in nearly 20 percent of all crashes that cause injuries. The exact numbers are unavailable because investigators find it very difficult to discover and measure the extent to which driver distraction is a contributing factor in a crash. Wireless device records are generally accessed in cases of death or serious injury; however, many drivers would never admit fault and police are not always be able to discern the role of distraction. Methods of reporting distracted driving are improving as the problem loom larger, but current estimates are likely to be much lower than the true frequency of distracted driving crashes.

Is cell phone use while driving safe?

One of the most obvious sources of distracted driving is the cell phone. Its use has attracted much of the focus and controversy regarding distracted driving. Dozens of studies have concluded that cell phone usage of any type roughly quadruples the chances of a driver having a crash. With so many cell phones on the road at any given time, safety for all drivers is a significant concern. There is controversy because many believe that hands-free phones allow drivers to operate a phone safer. Again, research and studies conclude that hands-free cell phones offer no significant safety benefits over handset phones.

Charlotte personal injury lawyer handles distracted driver cases

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