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Charlotte injury lawyers know that winter driving conditions make this the worst time of the year to be on the road. Since human being do not hibernate, and since the holiday seasons are upon us, it is unreasonable to ask anyone to stay in until the weather and the driving conditions are better. However, every driver has a responsibility to make sure that you and your car are fully prepared to commute or travel during the winter.

Winter Driving Winter driving is not as hard as one would imagine. Nevertheless, it does take a great deal of concentration and awareness. Change your mindset and drive like you are tiptoeing on ice. Use careful and deliberate motions. Be sure to give yourself more time and distance for stopping, and always anticipate your next stop. This time of year, plan your travels, and it is ok if you do not leave the house unless it is necessary. With winter storms anticipated for the Charlotte area, we ask that you consider these winter driving tips.

Snow and Ice – Hopefully, no one sets out to drive on icy roads. If you do find yourself on an ice laden road, drive slowly and cautiously. Leave plenty of room between your car and the vehicles in front of you. Avoid hard braking because it will only lead to skidding. Expect to find ice on bridges, overpasses, and seldom used roads.

Rain – Rain is safer than ice or snow, but it still makes for hazardous driving. It is incredibly easy to hydroplane when driving in the rain at speeds over 50 mph. It is best to avoid using cruise control in inclement weather because it is incapable of recognizing changing road conditions. Driving with it the cruise control will dramatically increase your response time.

Black ice – If it rained or snowed during the day, and in the evening, the temperature drops around or below freezing; be wary of black ice on the road. Black ice is nearly impossible to spot, so keep it in mind as are on the road. If you find yourself skidding, the first thing to do is release the gas pedal, and then smoothly turn into the direction of the skid without braking hard.

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It is important to remember that no matter how safe you try to be, negligent and irresponsible people are all around you. This is why the accident and injury attorneys at the Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC are also ready to work for you and your family. If you or a family member ends up injured as the result of a negligent act or an act of omission; call the offices of the Olive law Firm for a free consultation with a Charlotte injury lawyer.


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