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Charlotte car accident lawyers are all too experienced with the reality that semi trucks are extremely dangerous to drivers who share the road with them. Their size alone makes them cumbersome and unwieldy in crowded traffic at high speeds. It can also be tricky for cars and motorcycles to maneuver around them; and many drivers do not realize how much room these truck actually need for safe braking and lane changes. The basic rule for drivers should be to simply slow down, let them pass on, and when possible, just avoid semi trucks. However, there are times when this is practically impossible, and driving beside them is a part of life. In this article we are going to discuss some of the most common situations that often result in semi truck accidents, here are a few:

Truck driver fatigue

There are so many misconceptions about truck driving, and one of the most common misconceptions is that truck driving is a pretty easy job. Most people think that you just get behind the wheel and drive to a particular destination. Although the task may seem pretty simple, getting the goods to their destination on time often requires driving very long hours across the country. This means that many truck drivers get by on very little sleep. This lack of sleep for truck drivers, often results in them falling asleep or losing concentration while they are driving. Unfortunately, truck drivers often feel compelled to push on to meet deadlines, and end up driving, even when they are inadequately rested.

Blind spot accidents

A significant number of truck accidents are caused because the truck driver cannot see all of the vehicles surrounding his or her truck. It is important to remember that trucks and busses have a number of blind spots that regardless of mirrors or windows are always present. This means that if your car, truck or motorcycle is in a blind spot, they will increase their chances of getting into a semi truck accident. It is crucial that you avoid driving directly in front of a truck, directly behind a truck or on the trucks right side for an extended period of time. If you must drive near a tractor-trailer, drive on the left side where the driver can see you more easily.

Wet and slippery conditions

It should be no surprise to you that wet, icy, or slippery road conditions can make driving a semi truck, extremely hazardous. Most drivers can relate to losing control over 4 wheels in bad weather; imagine trying to maintain control over a 25 ton vehicle on 18 wheels. Whenever there is rain, snow, or ice on the road and you are driving near a truck, make sure you give them 4 to 6 seconds worth of space. Ordinarily, this will keep you far enough away to avoid any close calls or catastrophes. Remember that the sheer size of these vehicles gives the average passenger vehicle a very small chance of survival in a collision.

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