Charlotte Accident lawyerUnderstanding catastrophic injuries and how an accident lawyer can help

Suffering from catastrophic injuries means that life before the injury will never be the same, but your Charlotte accident lawyer can make sure that you have the benefit of an optimal lifestyle. Catastrophic injury usually means that the injured individuals and their family must deal with long-term or lifetime disfigurement, impairment, or disability. These injuries can result from many kinds of personal injury accidents. The most common accidents that result in significant damage include auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents.

Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries often result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. This most devastating of catastrophic injuries occurs when a person experiences a sharp blow to the head that results in bruising and swelling of the brain. Even after making it through the most life threatening phase of the injury, the victim must continue to deal with symptoms such as headaches, memory loss, cognitive difficulties, and chance of reduced mental capacity. The most devastating injuries can result in the accident victim ending up in a vegetative state. Serious spinal cord damage can leave the injured individual with the same types of paralysis.

Life-long challenges with catastrophic injuries

Catastrophic injuries often require a lifetime of continued medical and personal care. This is largely because accident victims are left disabled and in need of on-going personal assistance. These types of injuries not only have an effect on the individual, they can be personally and financially devastating to family members as they deal with 24 hour care and assistance for the victim. The cost and logistics of such personal care is enormous, and is even more devastating if the injured is depended upon for financial support.

Help from a personal accident attorney

Personal accident attorneys have valuable experience handling claims that involve catastrophic injuries. Their expertise lies in determining exactly what the victims and their family will need in order to adjust to the dramatic life change that occurs after a catastrophic injury accident. Their goal is to provide your family with the best opportunity to live a secure and meaningful life, regardless if it means negotiating a settlement with a reluctant insurance company, or presenting your rights to a jury at trial. Their job is to make sure that you are heard; so that the insurance company or jury will genuinely understand the effect that the catastrophic injury has had on you and your family.

Charlotte accident lawyers handle catastrophic injury cases

The lawyers at The Olive Law Firm can answer your questions about drunken driving, tractor trailer collisions, motorcycle crashes, and car accidents. They can help you understand your rights and give you insight to the process of pursuing compensation for your property damage, injuries, pain, lost wages, and medical bills to name a few. For more than a half a century, The Olive law firm has been helping the residents of Charlotte, Raleigh, and Asheville, NC find just compensation for your injuries and suffering. Please contact them to find out if an accident attorney can help you protect your rights.


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