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Car accident attorney provides valuable assistance for people who have been hit, disabled, or injured by drunk or impaired drivers. They also represent the families of people who are killed by a drunk or impaired driver. Statistics reveal that nearly 1 in 3 traffic deaths in the Charlotte area are caused by an impaired driver. Car accidents involving a drunk driver are outrageous tragedies because drunk driving is totally preventable. Sometimes car accidents are the result of things beyond our control, such as weather or road conditions, but drunk driving is a careless act that can be prevented if the neglectful person obeys the laws that forbid drinking and driving.

Accident claim assistance from car accident attorney

Victims of a drunken driving accident, have their life turned upside down in a split second. In the face of a wrecked car and medical bills ahead, they face the uncertainties of health issues and pain and suffering. The best car accident lawyers will make sure that the responsible parties, and/or their insurance company, will pay for your medical bills and any other necessary expenses. This usually includes the costs related to hospitalization, therapy, rehab, or extended treatments. Your attorney will take care of details such as making sure that your vehicle is repaired or replaced. If your injuries are so serious that you cannot work, your accident lawyer is there to make sure that you are able to concentrate on getting well. Meanwhile, they will hold the negligent parties accountable for your losses.

Getting the job done

The best car accident attorneys will perform a thorough investigation that involves every detail and every witness to the accident. They will scour and scrutinize police reports, and they will review in toxicology reports and roadside tests to see if the driver was drunk. Your accident lawyer will advise you as to what you should do or say if the attorney for the other driver starts calling, and wants to make a settlement. Your Charlotte accident attorney helps you determine where to start and how you would handle it all.

Charlotte wrongful death and accident lawyers

The lawyers at The Olive Law Firm can answer your questions about drunken, wrongful death, motorcycle, and trucking company accidents. They can help you understand your rights and give you valuable insight to the process of pursuing compensation for your property damage, injuries, pain, lost wages, and medical bills to name a few. For more than a half a century, The Olive law firm has been helping the residents of Charlotte, Raleigh, and Asheville, NC find just compensation for their injuries and suffering. Please contact them to find out how a car accident attorney can help you protect your rights.


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