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The real risk of driving under the influence and why you may need a Charlotte personal injury attorney

Car accident lawyers want you to be informed about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. Over the years, there has been much written and said about drunk driving. Because of this campaign, Charlotte motorists understand how important it is to drive sober, and the general public is well aware of the damage caused each year by inebriated drivers. What a majority of the public has overlooked in all this is the fact that some drivers think that driving while slightly “buzzed” is okay, especially if their blood alcohol content is below the legal limit.

“Buzzed” driving

New studies have revealed that “buzzed driving” is far more dangerous than many drivers realize. According to the study, no amount of alcohol in the bloodstream can be considered safe. In a sampling of over 570,000 accidents over a decade, drivers who had alcohol in the blood at all, even at levels that are below the legal limit for intoxication, were much more likely to be at fault in an accident. Drivers with a blood alcohol content as low as .01 percent had a 46% higher chance of causing an accident as compared to sober motorists. This means that after an adult male drinks 6-ounces of beer, he is at a higher risk of causing a serious accident. The frightening revelation is that .01 percent blood alcohol content; most motorists would barely feel the effects of the alcohol. They are errantly convinced that they are still capable of driving.

Being legal is not safe enough

The problem is that it is perfectly legal to drive with a .01 percent blood alcohol content, so drivers can be obeying the law, yet they have significantly increased their chances of being in or causing an accident. According to the same study, the .08 percent blood alcohol content may not lend itself to good reasoning. Researchers could not find any significant difference in accident risk between drivers with a .07 percent blood alcohol content and those with .08 percent. However, they did discover that both men and women had an increased risk of causing an accident for every tenth of a percent increase in their blood alcohol content; even when they were legally permitted to drive.

Inexperienced drivers were more at risk because they were found to be most likely to be affected by a mere .02 percent blood alcohol content. Experienced drivers had a significantly higher risk of causing accidents at .05 percent blood alcohol content. We are left to conclude that part of the problem is that there are inaccurate perceptions about what constitutes DUI driving. Because of the legal implications, many people think that driving with a .07 blood alcohol content or below means that you are “not drunk” and you can drive your car. The reality is that any level of alcohol in your system can increase your risk of a serious accident.

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