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With everyone going back to school and the summer vacation ending, car accident attorney remind motorcyclists to be extra attentive at intersections. Statistics reveal that nearly one in every three motorcycle crashes occur at intersections. The most common collision at an intersection involves a vehicle making a left hand turn into the motorcyclist. Even though the motorcyclist may have the right to go through the intersection on a green light, this does not mean that the drivers of the vehicles are looking or can see you.

Safety guidelines

Intersections are inherently dangerous for all vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians suffer greater injury due to their lack of protection. Adding to the confusion, drivers are more likely to accelerate through stoplights when the traffic is heavy. Consider the following list of suggestions that will help to protect motorcyclists as they travel through the intersection:

  1. Ride cautiously through the intersection.
  2. Avoid accelerating through intersections.
  3. BE aware where every driver is and avoid eye contact, so that you do not give the impression that you are giving the driver permission to go.
  4. As you approach the intersection, look for cars that may be turning left in front of you.
  5. Make sure your lights are on to attract the eye of the drivers.
  6. Keep a safe stopping distance between yourself and the car turning left in front of you.
  7. Use both your hand and foot brakes in cases of emergency.

Finding the right attorney

Regardless of how safe you try to be when traveling through an intersection, if a driver is not paying attention, or is driving distracted, a collision could still occur. If you find yourself injured because of a collision, and you need advice on how to handle your motorcycle injury claim, call one of the top car accident lawyers in the Charlotte area. The best personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss your rights and options. Be sure to choose a law firm that has extensive experience handling all types of injury claims, including those that involve motorcycle crashes.

A reputable injury attorney or Car accident attorney in North Carolina

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