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Car accident attorneys and law enforcement officers consider the first week of July to be one of the busiest and most dangerous travel periods of the year. Especially this year, when the 4th of July falls on a weekend day, many people will utilize the holiday for extended vacation trips. When we think of the Fourth of July, our first impression is pleasant images of fireworks, parades, barbecues, and baseball. Unfortunately, we also know that historically hundreds of people will die or be injured in thousands of crashes over the four day July 4th holiday weekend. The most common traffic violations will involve speeding and driving under the influence. We would like to offer some safe driving tips that will help you to avoid ruining your weekend or that of someone else.

Wear your seatbelts

This is a weekend that is full of short trips to the convenience store for a forgotten item. An overwhelming majority of accident investigations have revealed that wearing seat belts saves lives. Before the weekend starts, it is also a good idea to make sure that infant carriers and children booster seats are properly fitted and in good shape.

Don’t drink and drive

Although this is such an obvious observance, we cannot understate its importance. Drinking alcohol slows a driver’s reaction time and impairs their judgment and coordination. The more alcohol that is consumed, the greater the driver’s impairment, which increases their chance of being involved in a crash. If you drink at all, don’t drive. If you plan to drink, also plan to have a designated driver who does not imbibe.

Observe the speed limits

Remember, speeding is one of the most common violations of this holiday weekend. In a weekend when you will be sharing the road with thousands of other drivers, speeding will only decrease your ability to react in time, and will increase the possibility of damage and injury in collisions.

Do not drive while distracted

Driving any time of the year requires your complete concentration and attention. Refrain from talking on your cell phone while driving. You should never text while driving. If you are using GPS or map guidance, program your destination prior to leaving, but never while driving. This also means that you should not try to change CDs, comb your hair, apply makeup, or attend to any other activity while driving. Do not eat or open food packaging while driving. One or two seconds of distraction is all that is necessary to negatively impact your life and the lives of others.

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