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Careless drivers keep Charlotte car accident lawyers or car accident attorney busy. This winter, we can expect to see unusually wet and rainy weather over the next few weeks. After a few weeks of being indoors, and encouraged by a lack of snow, many people want to get out on the road. Some of us have jobs and other commitments that have us out on the road, even in precarious or dangerous conditions. Overconfidence on wet and slippery roads is a common cause for many accidents. We cannot prevent bad weather, but we can employ safe driving habits that reduce our chances of being involved in an accident. Consider our suggestions for rainy day driving.

  1. Increase following distance

Reducing your speed during rainy weather is the number one tactic for avoiding the risk of hydroplaning. A mere 1/2 inch of water on the road means that your tires must displace a gallon of water to keep contact between the rubber and the road. Drivers should always reduce their speed in the presence of standing water on the roadway.

  1. Avoid hard braking

In addition to driving at reduced speed, drivers must avoid hard braking, or turning sharply. It is a good practice to drive in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you. Maintain ample stopping distance between you and the cars ahead by increasing your following distance. Anticipate all stops, and slow down earlier to stop at intersections.

  1. Responding to a skid

When you feel the car begin to skid, do not panic and Continue to look and steer in the direction in which you want the car to go. If you start to skid, never slam on the brakes, braking action should be gentle pumping until the car is under control.

  1. Avoid cruise control

Cruise control works well in dry conditions, but in rain or standing water, it increases your chance of losing control of the vehicle. When the road is slippery, a driver needs to reduce the car speed by lifting off the accelerator. This cannot be accomplished when cruise control is active. Foregoing cruise control allows the driver more options when it is necessary to respond to a loss of traction.

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