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Car accident attorney cite professional experience and recent statistics as proof that hit and run accidents are on the rise. Any given week, you can read about a hit and run car accident in the news.

In a kinder and gentler day, if anyone so much as bumped another car in a parking lot, the driver would leave a note with contact information on the windshield. Such genteel behavior is more of a rarity than the norm these days. Unfortunately, we now live in a day where drivers leave the scenes of major accidents, even accidents that leave fatalities.

Hit and run on the rise

In some American cities, up to 50% of all collisions are hit and run. According to a study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal hit and run crashes have increased every year since 2009. The AAA report on traffic safety reveals that 20% of all pedestrian fatalities involve a hit and run driver. For the victims and the families of hit and run accidents, legal recovery of damages is very complex and difficult. Fortunately, in a majority of cases, law enforcement agencies are able to track down hit and run drivers.

Reasons why drivers leave an accident scene

Law enforcement investigations have yielded a common list of reasons that drivers who have hit and run provide for their behavior:

  • The driver was under the influence or intoxicated, and did not want to be arrested
  • They were driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license
  • The driver was uninsured or faced financial difficulties
  • The driver had a criminal warrant
  • The driver simply did not want to accept responsibility

Criminal and civil penalties for hit and run

Regardless of where a hit and run occurs; whether it is in a parking lot, on a public road, or on the highway, leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal act. When a driver leaves the scene of an accident in which a person has been injured, penalties can include severe fines, a felony conviction, and even a prison sentence. In addition to criminal charges, the victims of hit and run accidents can file a civil lawsuit against the driver. In certain cases, punitive damages can be awarded to the plaintiff.

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