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Auto injuries go up as students return back-to-school. Beginning in early August, families were already planning for the upcoming school year as they purchased supplies, school clothes, and went through their checklist to prepare for the new school year. Drivers and pedestrians need to be aware that traffic is greatly increased because once school starts, there are more cars, buses, and people on the roads. It is important that drivers and pedestrians make a concentrated effort to be mindful of the following back-to-school safety tips:

When walking to school

Students should always try to walk as a group, whether with friends or fellow classmates. If you are under the age of twelve, hopefully you will walk with a responsible older student, or will be accompanied by an adult. When crossing streets, always look left, right, and left again before crossing the street. You should only cross the street at the crosswalk. If there is no sidewalk, pedestrians should walk on the side of the road that faces the direction of traffic. Whenever walking to or from school, wear bright or reflective clothing. If the light is dim or during evenings, always carry a flashlight.

Riding the School Bus

Parents should walk or drive their children to the bus stop and an adult should wait at the bus stop until the bus arrives. Wait for the bus driver to tell you that it is safe to get on the bus before boarding. As you board the bus, use the handrails and be careful because backpack straps and drawstrings may get caught. Once you are on the bus, go directly to your seat and sit down. Remain seated while the bus is in motion. As soon as you get off the bus, do not stand around the doorway, take 5 giant steps away from the front of the bus. If you must cross the street, only cross in front of the bus after you have made eye contact with the driver, and only proceed when the driver indicates it is safe to do so. When crossing in front of the bus, stop at the edge of the bus and look left, right, and left for traffic before continuing. Never run after the bus or bang on the side or doors.

Rules for auto drivers

Always look for students walking to or from school. Look two or three times before backing out of your driveway or from a parking spot. Pay careful attention and watch for school zone speed limits. When in doubt, if you see children present, slow down to 20 MPH. Make sure you know and obey the school bus laws in your state. Carelessly passing a school bus can have serious and dangerous consequences. Hopefully, everyone will do their part to keep our children safe during the school year; but accidents still can happen. If you or your child is injured in a car accident, or while walking to school, seek medical attention immediately. If you have any legal questions, seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney to help you understand your rights as an accident victim.

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