Car accident lawyer

Until you get involved in a car accident, it seems easy to say that you are always safe on the road because you are a good driver.  However, sometimes all the safety measures you take can fly out of the window just because another driver is fearless and reckless. Experienced Charlotte personal injury attorneys have met so many of these people. When a pickup car driven by a teenage boy collided with my car head-on, the impact was so great that only my body was protected by the airbag. I had cuts on my face caused by flying shards from the windshield. To cut the story short, I spent the next two weeks with a bandaged face.

I was lucky that the lacerations were not deep but I did get some ugly scars. I was told the driver was not drunk and the collision happened due to a problem with the brake system. Scarred and traumatized, I almost fell into depression when I thought I might not be able to file any claims for compensation. Thanks to people who witnessed the car accident and the help of my personal injury lawyer, I am confident I will be justly compensated for the physical and emotional pain I suffered.

Compensation Claims

I didn’t expect that filing compensation claims can be an uphill battle. The insurance company representatives who used to be friendly became unaccommodating and unyielding. With my personal injury lawyer around, I answered their questions without incriminating myself. Legal consultations certainly helped me understand what I was up against. My car accident injury lawyer is now making sure we have all the paperwork and other requirements needed to fight for my case in court.


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