Dog bite ! A dog bit my son, and now I need a personal injury attorney

For reasons even a father may not understand, my son is not fond of dogs. Brad has a macaw for a pet and is now asking for an aquarium. He never got interested in dogs of any breed though he was never afraid of them (our injury attorney proved this to be so). My boy was bitten by a Border collie at the residence of a customer whose computer I had to pick up for software installation.  The customer insisted on making my son touch his pet on the head just to show how friendly it was. I knew Brad did not hesitate at all when he touched the dog and then suddenly the dog bit his palm. What’s frustrating about the incident was that my customer said it was my boy’s fault and that a dog naturally bites when he smells fear.

Finding the best personal injury lawyer for my dog bite case

The doctor who treated my son’s injury suggested that we hire a Charlotte injury lawyer.  Two days after the incident, we had to go back to the emergency room because his hand became swollen and too painful to move.  What followed was a week of confinement, missed school activities, and legal consultation. I cannot imagine how our family would have managed taking care of our son and pursuing a claim for damages without legal aid from step 1.

It turned out that the “friendly” Border collie had a history of bad behavior and the owner likes testing its progress with kids. My son who used to be just somebody who likes other animals for pets is now extremely afraid of dogs; his siblings already gave up their own pet dog so that my son can be comfortable at home. Our personal injury attorney says he can help us claim for medical expenses as well as damages for my boy’s emotional pain.


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