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The dangerous days of summer

Your best car accident attorney will tell you that summer is the most dangerous time of the year for auto accidents and injuries. If you were to ask people to guess the most dangerous time of year on the roads, they would naturally assume that winter driving is most dangerous because of icy roads and squally weather. Statistics reported by the National Safety Council reveal that the most dangerous time, and the highest occurrence of accidents and injuries happen during the period between Memorial Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. More intriguing is the fact that Saturday stands out as the most dangerous day of the week during this same time period.

Causes that contribute to summer accidents

Summer time presents a litany of conditions that create a dangerous driving situation. Although road conditions can be more hazardous in the winter, those conditions keep many people off the roads. On the other hand, the warm and wonderful summer weather encourages many more people to get out on the roads. During the summer, there will be a higher number of “hard to see” vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, and skateboarders along with pedestrians. Throw distracted driving into the mix, and the chance of being involved in an accident increases exponentially.

Safety experts also attribute the high accident increase to the following factors:

  1. Increased numbers of young drivers on the road
  2. Higher travel speeds
  3. Drinking and driving
  4. Road rage
  5. Road construction

People have a tendency to drive more aggressively because they feel more confident in good weather conditions. Crash data in some states reveal that a noteworthy number of summer accidents are ascribed to drivers who follow too closely. In observance of the list above, every situation involves a driver’s limited ability to react to sudden or dangerous situations.

Driving awareness

Personal injury attorneys and other safety advocates advise summer drivers to focus on safety in order to overcome the distractions and conditions that come with summer time driving. It is advisable that every driver consider:

  • Wearing their seatbelt
  • Abstain from drinking and driving
  • Do not drive while using a cell phone or electronic device
  • Make sure that infant carriers and child safety seats are properly installed

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