Back injury in Charlotte, NC

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Defining back injury

If you ever receive a back injury during a car accident, you usually experience trauma to the soft tissues that support and protect your spinal cord. Back pain as the result of an accident can mean that you have experienced damage to one of the most essential parts of your body. Your spinal cord allows every part of your body to communicate with your brain. When the spinal cord is damaged, the injury can lead to serious health problems; including paralysis, pain, or permanent disability. Your car accident attorney knows that many spinal injuries are life changing, often leaving a person permanently disabled. If your spinal cord injury occurs as a result of someone’s negligence, you could be entitled to recover significant compensation.

Complete spinal injury

Although the bones in your back work together, forming a protective barrier for your spinal cord. The impact of an accident can break those bones. Your spinal column is designed to allow complete and free movement without causing damage to your spinal cord. Serious spinal cord injuries occur when some part of the back bones or spinal discs are damaged. When the damage is so traumatic and extensive that the injured party loses their ability to control entire sections of their body, this is considered to be a “complete” spinal injury or back injury. An example of this kind of injury would be when an individual completely loses the function in his or her legs, or in every part of the body below the neck or chest. We use the term “complete,” because the victim loses all motor control and sensation in one or more areas of the body.

Incomplete spinal injury

“Incomplete” spinal cord injuries are obviously not as serious as a complete injury. When an individual suffers an incomplete spinal cord injury, they still have the ability to feel different parts of their body, and their injury basically limits their mobility to a lesser extent. However, you can be sure that victims of incomplete spinal cord injury are also entitled to compensation for their damages.

Compensation will vary

Regardless of the cause, no two spinal cord injuries are the same. Every individual case is characterized by its own particular effect. The only certainty is that both complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries are devastating for the injured party.

One of the top accident attorneys in Charlotte

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