Using an auto accident attorney

I once heard a friend talk about how convenient it was to have auto accident attorney but I totally ignored it. After all, why would I need one? One day, a driving trainee crashed the training car into mine, hitting the left side of my hips. I was lucky to recover completely from a broken hip after six months of drug and physical therapy but the time and money we spent during my hospitalization took a toll on my family’s finances and wellbeing.  The driver who was still not licensed at that time blamed the instructor for the accident.

A few weeks after the accident, I remembered that talk with my friend and was so fortunate to find a Charlotte car accident lawyer right away. (At this point, even my husband was already stressed about who was liable for the accident). Our accident lawyer knew exactly how to deal with the complicated issue and made sure we understood the process.  We were able to make the driving school and the instructor pay damages for my injuries and loss of income.

Looking back now, I have to say the decision to hire a car accident attorney was an important move towards my recovery from the traumatic experience. Imagine how much time we would have spent worrying but not making any progress if we put off legal assistance for more weeks. Now I understand why my friend was so hyper about having a personal injury lawyer. Insurance, compensation, and other claims – we’re getting all the help we need at a time we want it most.


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