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Have you been hurt in a taxi accident?

Are you injured because of an accident or mishap you suffered during a cab ride? We know that during inclement weather, riding in a taxi is much more preferable to standing at a bus stop or walking. However, Charlotte personal injury attorneys are keenly aware that every mode of transportation has its own set of risks. Taking a cab or hiring a limo seems to be low risk, but there have been significant cases where innocent people have been injured or killed while riding in a hired car.

Public transportation in Charlotte, NC

In Charlotte, NC, the number of individuals who use public transportation is quite high. Taxi cabs can be seen everywhere, as they have become one the most common choices of travel for business people, tourists, and even shoppers. Many people take advantage of the convenience of riding in a cab instead of taking a bus, walking, or driving themselves. Somehow the public convinces itself that traveling by cab avoids many of the hazards similar to that of operating their own private automobile. Conversely, since the passenger is not in control of the situation, there is also a level of anxiety with some cab experiences.

Public trust for professionals

It is a not an over exaggeration to say that many people who have used the services of a taxi cab has likely experienced the anxiety of riding with a cab driver who has little regard for traffic safety and etiquette. While the majority of taxi drivers are true professionals who observe the traffic laws and drive in a safe manner, there are also taxi drivers who really should not be transporting the public. Many passengers report incidents of speeding, failure to stop at red lights, and illegal maneuvers to get in and out of heavy traffic. These acts create dangerous situations for other drivers as well as the passengers in a taxi.

Taxi cabs are not built stronger, nor are they any more crash resistant than any other road worthy vehicle. In fact, some cab companies or operators fail properly maintain their vehicle to cut operating costs. The bottom line is that a crash in a taxi cab will be just as likely to cause serious injuries or even fatalities. The general public expects and demands higher safety performance from public transportation if only because they believe that the drivers are conscientious professionals.

Have you been injured in a cab or limo in North Carolina?

Many car accident victims end up struggling financially because they are unable to work. These individuals are healthy and striving one day, and they are struggling to make ends meet the next. In addition, they also have medical bills that are piling up unpaid. Fortunately, auto accident attorneys from The Olive Law Firm are available to help.

The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC, has handled thousands of auto accident and personal injury cases. Their attorneys have more than 57 years of experience helping victims all over North Carolina. The Olive Law Firm has the resources to pursue a case and take it to trial, giving their clients the best possible results. Their attorneys are experienced and qualified representatives for many types of injury claims; including car accidents, pedestrian accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability and more. Are you injured from a car accident? Contact The Olive Law Firm for a free consultation if you are injured in a taxi or a limousine.


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