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Dealing with dog attack

Are you injured from a dog attack? Laws that deal with dog attacks vary from county to county, even from city to city. Typically, there is a level of liability for owners who know their dogs are dangerous. Once you have been injured by the actions of a dog, you have the right to recover damages from the dog owner. The following are the advised steps to take if you have been injured from a dog attack:

  • Try to identify the dog. If the dog has rabies, it is important to have the dog screened in order to make sure that you receive the appropriate treatment. This will also assist in positively determining the owner of the dog.
  • Do not sign any papers or make recorded statements. Be aware that it is possible that the dog owner, property owner, or their insurance company will ask you to make a statement about what happened. Their intention could be to search for statements that will help them evade their liability for the dog bite or their personal responsibility. Never make or sign any statements without having a lawyer assist you.
  • Make a report of the incident to the police.  A police investigation documents the exact circumstances of the dog bite. Police are also sure to determine the owner(s) of the dog.
  • Seek medical care. Dog injuries can easily become infected, even if you are not bitten. It is important to have any cuts, scrapes, and abrasions treated. An infected wound can result in serious complications. If possible, it is important to get pictures of your wounds before and after treatment.
  • Consult with a lawyer. A lawyer is the only instrument by which you will get the compensation you are entitled to receive. If an insurance company offers to write you a check, it is crucial to have a lawyer review the proposed settlement. An attorney will identify and preserve evidence about the dog attack, identify anyone else who is liable beyond the dog owner, and take the case to court if necessary.

Personal Injury attorney for dog bites in North Carolina

The Olive Law Firm of Charlotte, NC, represents clients who have suffered injuries as a result of dog bites or dog attacks. If you are bitten, get immediate medical treatment and do not go without legal advice. The Olive Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases and brings over a half century of experience helping victims get their rightful compensation. In cases of dog bites, they can help you even if the pet owner has little or no insurance. Are you injured by a dog bite? Call The Olive Law Firm now from anywhere in North Carolina.


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