Are you injuredHave you been hurt in a slip or fall?

Are you injured from a recent fall on some worn out stairs or from a slippery floor? Slip and fall injuries are more dangerous and much more widespread than anyone might think. The latest statistics have revealed that 15% of all injuries are caused by a slip or fall. The shocking reality is that nearly 20,000 people lose their lives every year from injuries related to a slip and fall. This number is beyond belief, but the astounding fact is that most of these falls could be avoided if some property owners were more diligent about the way that they maintain their premises.

Where falls occur

Slip and fall injuries most commonly occur in the workplace. More often than not, workplaces do not get cleaned up quickly enough, and there is always some type of hazard that can cause someone to take a bad fall. For example, in a warehouse, there may be pallets left on the floor, materials used to pack containers may be strung out on the floor, or there can be water on slippery cement from a leaking roof that needs repairing.

Food plants are another very common location for victims to encounter serious slip and fall accidents. The ingredients and packaging can clutter walking areas, and floor drains and grates present uneven surfaces that can become trip hazards. Even public transportation is a source of slip and fall accidents. The stairways of busses may be worn or separating, creating a slippery set of stairs on rainy days.

Some grocery stores may have a wet floor that is not marked as such. Items can be left in the aisles where people are shopping, and there are many other hazards that can lead to very serious falls. A great number of slip and fall injuries occur in residential homes. Caution should be exercised if you have or expect frequent visits from elderly individuals. The home is filled with so many hazards, such as an extension cord lying across the floor, a piece of furniture that sticks out just enough to present a trip hazard, garden hoses in walkways, uneven stairs on decks and entryways, and other unseen dangers.

A Charlotte injury attorney

Many slip and fall cases end up with victims being grievously injured, or even killed. Surviving family members are left wondering who should be responsible for their losses, which often have lifelong ramifications. They need a slip and fall attorney who can help to establish if negligence was a factor in the accident.

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