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Public perception about pain

Auto injury victims, regardless of the seriousness of their injuries, deal with an unfair public perception. It seems that most accident victims will be accused of faking their symptoms, especially if the symptoms and the pain last for an extended time. However, a recent study by the University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine has determined that the majority of car accident patients fail to pursue litigation despite suffering from chronic pain.

Car accident victims have real pain

Researchers reviewed the medical records of nearly 1000 auto injury patients in four different states. Seven out of ten patients reported chronic pain symptoms for more than six weeks after their auto accident. Roughly 35 percent of the patients in the study reported significant pain in four or more body regions. Despite this persistent pain, only 17% of patients ever contacted a car accident attorney after their accident. When they surveyed the patients who did not pursue litigation, their problems ranged from severe neck pain to widespread musculoskeletal pain.

Chronic pain is common

It is hard enough to deal with the trauma of an accident, imagine after all that, to be suffering from a persistent pain condition across many body regions. Unfortunately, these patients also often have to deal with the stigma and skepticism because there is no obvious sign of their injuries. A broken leg placed in a cast is very tangible. However, chronic back pain that continues long after the exterior damage has healed, seem somehow less believable. Hopefully, the results of this study will help doctors and the public to understand that chronic pain is a common occurrence following auto accidents, and that patients with pain are not simply making a money grab.

Depression, PTSD, and pain

Additionally, depression and post traumatic stress plays a significant role in the appearance of chronic pain. The UNC study reminds us that the unseen physical symptoms of auto injuries are indeed genuine. It took decades, and after countless studies; there is documented evidence that the tissue damage, inflammation, and nerve damage contributes directly to whiplash pain. Regardless of whether you plan on suing the responsible party, it is imperative that you seek early treatment to avoid developing chronic pain after a car crash.

Contact a car accident attorney

If your accident has caused injuries that require more than one visit to a doctor, then you will certainly need the help of a car accident lawyer. If you required emergency care or hospitalization, it is wise to consult with a lawyer and as soon as possible. This is because insurance companies will be taking action to minimize their liability. Waiting too long to talk to your lawyer can work against you.

Speak to a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC

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