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The holiday season is here again; unfortunately, the increased holiday activity also increases your chances of needing an accident lawyer. The holidays are traditionally the time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, enjoying good company and great food over the next 6 -8 weeks. While it is important to celebrate the holidays as joyous occasions, remember that there are numerous holiday hazards that could affect you long after the holidays are over. It is important to be just as diligent about avoiding personal injuries, as it is to celebrate your holiday cheer. The following is a modest list of tips on how to avoid injuries in and around your home during the holiday season.

Avoiding fires and burns

Holiday season means lots of candles, and candles are one of the leading causes of burn injuries. Technology has a solution for reducing the risk of burns and house fires. Even in traditional candle shops, you can purchase battery-powered flameless candles as a substitute for wax candles. These candles do a remarkable job of replicating the ambient glow of wax candles, even providing aromatic holiday scents. If you do insist on lighting wax candles, be sure that you stay in the room while they are lit. Never go to sleep with candles burning. Every year an alarming number of people have their clothes catch fire while cooking. Oversized holiday sweaters or festive clothing should not be worn when working in the kitchen. It is also prudent to keep hot foods and liquids away from the edge of tables and countertops. Be sure to closely supervise children and pets in and around cooling areas, and especially around patio fire pits. You can significantly lower the risk of burn injuries by always tending a fire, and by never leaving a hot stove or oven unattended. Halloween is the perfect time to check your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, to make sure that they are functional for the holiday season.

Avoiding trips and falls

The beautiful sight of holiday decorations means that there will be electrical cords and strings of lights that can lead to trips and falls. Use power strips that have a circuit breaker, and zip ties to keep holiday lights and other electrical decorations organized. Do not sacrifice safety for décor. You can avoid trips and falls by running wires and connections behind furniture or by tacking them along the walls. Secure decorative rugs with adhesive strips to keep them from sliding around on the floor. During gift exchanges, have a container nearby, in order to keep all of the wrapping paper, bags, and packaging off the floor in an effort to prevent trips and falls.

If you are injured this holiday season…

If you or a loved one gets injured during the holidays, whether it is a slip and fall downtown a burn injury, or an accident with an impaired driver contact a personal injury attorney for help. They can review your case and answer your questions about your legal rights.

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