Boating is primarily a leisure activity, and many individuals thus treat it differently than driving a car. For the person operating the boat, however, the responsibilities are to be taken seriously — including when it comes to drinking or using drugs. The operator of a boat or a personal watercraft (such as a Jet Ski) is subject to arrest for boating under the influence (BUI), just as a driver would be for driving under the influence.

The dangers inherent in drinking while operating a boat are important to keep in mind the next time you and your friends or family head out to enjoy a day on the water. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol use was primarily to blame for 91 boating fatalities in 2015, the most of any primary factor. All told, alcohol use was the primary contributing factor in 260 boating accidents resulting in 228 injuries.

Drunk boat driving might not seem as serious as drinking and driving, given the relative lack of traffic on the water, but the effects of even one drink can severely impair an operator’s ability to make good decisions while behind the wheel. The combination of heat, glare and noise that an operator experiences while boating can exacerbate alcohol’s effects on the senses, equilibrium and judgment. Simply put, drunk boating is never safe behavior.

This is why every state has laws against BUI. Even if an accident does not occur, the legal consequences of a BUI arrest or conviction are severe in many cases, and can result in a heavy fine and even jail time. In many cases, a BUI arrest or conviction can mean the loss of your driver’s license, as well.

The most obvious and simple way to avoid a BUI arrest is to not drink when boating. Other strategies for avoiding BUI include not operating a boat for at least one hour for each drink you have had, and checking the laws of your state to see whether an individual can be charged with BUI for operating watercraft such as a canoe or kayak while drunk.

The accompanying Boating Under the Influence Guide illustrates just how dangerous drinking and boating can be and provides some helpful tips to avoid a BUI arrest. Boating may be primarily a leisure activity for you, but that doesn’t mean you should be any less careful when it comes to alcohol consumption. Know the law and the risks, and you may save lives.



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Driving on North Carolina roadways next to an 18-wheeler or other large vehicle can be scary. Because of their weight and size, semi-trucks can cause serious, life-threatening injuries when they are involved in accidents with passenger vehicles.

If you or a loved one was injured because of an accident with a semi, The Olive Law Firm may be able to help. However, we want to help people avoid becoming injured in the first place. Read on for some tips on how to avoid a semi-truck accident.
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If you or someone you care about was injured in an accident, hiring an experienced Charlotte personal injury lawyer may help you recover the compensation you’re owed.
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Nobody ever wants to be involved in a car accident. Statistically speaking, however, many drivers will be involved in at least one motor vehicle accident during their lifetimes.

Auto accidents can be frightening and nerve-wracking, so knowing ahead of time what steps to take after the collision can help you feel more prepared if, and when, the unexpected occurs.

Immediately After the Accident

After the impact of a crash, you should leave your car where it is and wait for emergency personnel. Turn your hazard lights on to alert other drivers. Put your car in “park” and turn off the engine.

You may also want to check on the occupants of the other vehicle(s) to see if they’re OK, but remember to be careful when exiting your vehicle, to make sure you’re not walking into oncoming traffic.

When you’re in a safe place and able to do so, call 911 to report the accident. Even if you don’t think the accident was serious, calling the police will trigger a police report, which will be helpful when dealing with insurance companies.
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When you’ve been injured in an accident, you may find yourself asking: “Do I need to consult a personal injury attorney?” The answer to that question is usually yes.

Why Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The aftermath of an accident can be nerve-wracking and scary. The initial reaction for many accident victims is to accept whatever settlement amount the insurance company offers. However, doing so can be a mistake, and you may be short-changing yourself.

You may have severe injuries that can continue to affect you, long after the accident has passed. Even if you didn’t go to the emergency room immediately after the accident, you may find yourself needing medical attention because of aches and pains that linger, or even worsen in the days following the accident. In addition to possible property damage and medical bills, you may be facing a reduction or loss of wages because you cannot work at full capacity for a period of time.
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6 Tips For Safer Holiday Travel

The holidays are a time when people are coming and going, visiting family and friends, and often traveling in some of the worst weather of the year. If you have a trip planned this holiday season, it’s important to be careful on the roads to avoid a holiday tragedy. Here are some tips to avoid car accidents during the holidays.

1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Make sure you leave early when traveling for the holidays. One of the best ways to avoid holiday vehicle accidents is to avoid being in a rush. The weather and increased traffic may cause delays on the road, and if you have the luxury of extra time, you won’t feel the need to drive too aggressively for conditions.

2. Know Your Route (And Alternates)

You may have a GPS, but look at the map/directions ahead of time. In a bad traffic situation, you may not be able to cross several lanes when your GPS suddenly decides you need to turn left — right now! Also, know alternate routes in case you encounter a lengthy backup or unsafe driving conditions.
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Injured in an accident

Injured in an accident in Charlotte, NC

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If you are injured in an accident, finding the right attorney can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your case. People today travel more extensively, and face more risks than any generation before us. Using the car industry as an example, we also face a greater threat due to defective or poorly designed products. It used to be that shoddy and unprofessional companies were largely responsible for product liability cases, but in today’s environment, some of our most trusted brand names are involved in millions of product recalls. Product liability cases are extremely complex, and it is of the utmost importance that you hire the best personal injury law firm to handle your case.
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Hiring best car accident attorney

Car accident attorney in Charlotte, NC

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If you have been injured in a car accident, you will need to find best car accident attorney with decades of experience. This is the type of attorney that can protect your interests, and ensure that you receive proper compensation for damages. Not all personal injury attorneys are alike, so accident victims need to choose an attorney with the set of skills that are best suited for their individual case. Your chance for success will increase when you seek out law firms that have been around for a long time. We want to offer some tips that can make what an appear to be an overwhelming task, a sure way to find the right attorney to fit your needs.
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What is product liability?

Product Liability attorney in Charlotte, NC

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A product liability claim becomes necessary when a product does not work safely, and it causes physical harm to the consumer. For consumers, the stream of products available for our use and consumption is endless. We purchase and use everything from clothing, to food, to toys, or automobiles. Every person in the world purchases or uses something that is manufactured or created. When we buy these products, we carry a reasonable expectation that the product will work safely, and exactly as it is supposed to.

Manufacturers should be accountable

Products liability attorneys hold manufacturers and companies accountable. If necessary, they will bring a case against anyone who produces a defective product. There are basically three theories under which legal action may be taken:

  1. Someone is negligent
  2. Someone breaches a warranty
  3. Someone is held to strict liability

The negligence theory declares that the company that manufactured the product failed to do what was reasonably expected of a manufacturer. The expectations are that the manufacturer is prudent and responsible when designing, manufacturing, and inspecting its products, prior to use by the consumer.

Manufacturers also have a responsibility to warn the consumer of dangers associated with the product. Failure to warn the consumer may serve as justification for a claim.

Personal injury attorneys and top product liability attorney

The top product liability attorney place emphasis on holding companies and organizations accountable for defective or dangerous products. Companies that fail to introduce safe products, must make restitution for the personal cost and damages from when their products cause injuries. The legal definition of a product not only includes manufactured items; but also, includes everything from land, to professional advice.

An experienced law firm for product liability in Charlotte, NC

One of the top Charlotte personal injury lawyers is there to intervene when products are lacking and defective. When a consumer purchases a product from a manufacturer or a seller, the natural and legal anticipation is that the product can provide the service safely, and as promised. This means that businesses that make false or exaggerated claims about their product will be held accountable for those claims, with consumers able to sue the seller for breach of warranty.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer with substantial experience with various types of product liability cases, consider the attorneys at The Olive Law Firm. They are skilled and qualified attorneys who have handled cases involving defective products, medical devices, and automotive parts. If a defective product has injured you or someone in your family, or if someone you love has died because of use of a defective or dangerous product, you should speak with an Olive Law Firm top product liability attorney right away.


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Semi-truck accidents on the rise

Car accident attorney in Charlotte, NC

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Car accident attorneys will tell you that semi-truck fatalities are alarmingly on the rise. Every day someone is involved in an accident with a semi-truck, and most of the time the results are horrendous. Over the road freight trucks are the biggest vehicles on the road, and when they are involved in an accident, the gravity of the situation is apparent to everyone. The statistics show that deadly truck accidents have been on the rise since 2009.

A powerful industry

The trucking industry is extremely large and powerful. There are over 500,000 freight carriers and 2 million truckers in the U.S alone. Thirty-two companies operate fleets of more than 5,000 vehicles. Private trucking companies may operate on thin profit margins, but the industry is extremely profitable. The trucking industry generates more than $650 billion in revenues each year. The industry’s largest trade association has a considerable voice in Washington D.C. as a powerful pro-trucking lobby. The trucking industry has relentlessly and intensely lobbied to overturn hours-of-service rules that limits drivers to a 14-hour workday that includes a 3-hour rest period.

Hire a lawyer who specializes in tractor trailer accidents

If you are filing a claim against a trucking company, you should choose a law firm that is experienced in handling trucking cases. You will need a Firm that will work uncompromisingly and that has the resources to fight the big trucking companies. Experienced trucking attorneys determine what evidence is important, and they know how to present your case for fair compensation that includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering. Your choice of lawyer will indeed make a difference. Select an attorney who has decades of experience handling trucking cases and a history of success with those cases.

Speak to one of the best Car accident attorney in Charlotte, NC

Hiring best car accident attorney means that you have a professional on your side who has your interests at heart, and who will fight for the maximum recovery to which you are entitled. Hiring the best Charlotte attorney means that you no longer must deal with the insurance company. Your lawyer will handle the stressful and uncomfortable communication. Even if you are not sure that you have a case, you have nothing to lose by seeking advice from an injury attorney from the Olive Law Firm. Hiring a personal injury attorney is essential if you want the best possible compensation after car accident injury. Attorney Lee Olive, or Attorney Whitney Brooks of Charlotte, NC has decades of experience fighting for the rights of injured victims. They have earned a reputation as a trusted and compassionate Firm that prepares to take every case to court to obtain the best possible outcomes for their clients. If you want the best representation available, then call their office for a free consultation with one of these experienced attorneys.


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