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We have been helping workers seek justice from their employers for many years, including recovery of wages that were unfairly withheld. Employment laws protect you from employers who try to take advantage of their workers. Whether you are owed overtime pay, asked to work through your lunch hour without pay, or face employment discrimination, call our labor attorneys now. personal injury lawyer in Charlotte NCLet us explain your rights and see if we can help you in your personal injury case, worker’s compensation case, wage and hour dispute, or civil rights issue.

If we take your case, count on personal attention and dedication. We will get to know you, stay in constant contact, and work hard for the best possible outcome. We would be happy to talk to you in Spanish or in English. Any discussion of compensation and pursuable damages on this site is for informational purposes only. Every case is different and must be evaluated separately. We do not represent that similar results will be achieved in your case.

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